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You are joining a team that stands out in the NFT space through responsible leadership. Our founders, developers, artists and moderators are 100% commited to transparency, security and education.


Besides the incredible aesthetic of your NFT, you will have exclusive access to a clothing brand, a community wallet, a play-to-earn game, events, and a $Token to generate substantial utility among others.


Our community is a reward in itself! We have sourced some of our best and brightest talent straight from our own Discord server. Although we come from all over the world, we are united, committed and visionary.

Introducing DJ Jack!

DJ Jack is our first legendary to be revealed! The person who has DJ Jack NFT on reveal, will also receive $10.000!

The Roadmap

Q3 2022

The MROW team has worked exceptionally hard to provide top-of-the-line artwork. We truly believe that our community deserves the best! MROW’s phenomenal development team has provided strength in experience to ensure a flawless launch.

 MROW will set up a whitelist of 4000 available spots. Each WL spot will include a maximum purchase amount of 10 NFTs. This will allow a majority of our NFT line to be pre-registered. 

The NFT smart contract will be on the ERC721a standard, and will allow multiple NFT purchases at the same time to save on gas fees.

Any NFTs available after the whitelist sale will be open for public mint.


5% of all secondary NFT sales will be sent to a community wallet.

A council will be elected by the community to listen to feedback and will be responsible for submitting a formal investment proposal to the founders. In this way, we can ensure the community will make additional income.

We invite you to take part in our MROW package program!

There will be 3 classes of MROW packages available post-mint.

These packages will only be available for mint and not bought from the floor or airdropped.

Members purchasing 3 or more NFTs will receive an MROW Care Package from our first line of merch.

Members Purchasing 5 or more NFTs will receive an MROW Care Package from our first line of merch, including a number of $ROW tokens (TBA).

Members Purchasing 8 or more NFTs will receive an MROW Care Package from our first line of merch, including a number of $ROW tokens (TBA), & One Free Ticket to the event of their choosing (excluding the very first event).

Many projects sell merchandise! What sets MROW apart from the rest?

Millionaire Row will provide bi-monthly exclusive merchandise releases. 

Each release will consist of our new and hottest merchandise. These items will be available for purchase on our website. However, these particular items will only be sold once in a lifetime—each item exclusive and limited.

In partnership with our MROW Development Co., our merchandise drops will be available for discount and purchase with our upcoming $ROW token.

10% of merchandise profits will be added to the community wallet. 

Each month there will be a competition within the community for the headliner spot! Imagine Your personal NFT being placed at the forefront of the MROW Clothing Co. and Millionaire ROW Brand! All community competitions will take place in our Discord server.

Millionaire Row looks forward to providing a unique opportunity to build a platform that will permit NFTs to be used as tickets.

MROW is not thinking small with this idea.

We will use our platform to launch our ticketing service for major events: Front Row Tickets. We envision selling seats around the world for flights, vacations, sporting events, and even bus transportation. The opportunities for ticket sales are endless. 

We believe every seat could be sold in conjunction with us! This will provide a space with much-needed security allowing dual authentication where no one had thought it was possible.

This ticketing platform will allow you to resell your ticket NFT on the blockchain. 

Front Row Tickets will support a 5% royalty from secondary sales that will be directly added to the community wallet.

Every week, MROW will release a newsletter that showcases MROW updates, announcements, any upcoming events, fun facts about the NFT and Crypto space, and details about the upcoming project being hosted on the Fug Rugs podcast. You can find the newsletter posted on the MROW Discord as well as on the website.

Just starting out in the NFT space? Having troubles finding reputable projects?

Sign up for our newsletter!

MROW newsletter will provide quality content with reputable NFT projects. We will provide monthly newsletters providing content about up-and-coming projects, moves in the nft space, and exciting future events. 

Tune into podcasts with your Founders! 

Monthly podcasts with guest speakers will be provided to our MROW community. Listen in to our thoughts on the up-and-coming projects, events, and people within the industry. This podcast won’t be for the faint of heart. 

You don’t want to miss out!

MROW plans to give back to the community that has been with us for the entire ride! 

We will be releasing the MROW token: $ROW. The distribution of our tokens will be given periodically to our  holders’ wallets. For holders of MBC, we will be giving back $ROW tokens (TBA) to those holders who registered their MBC NFTs by March 16, 2022, which was the wallet lounge acceptance deadline. 

Additionally, we will give an amount of $ROW tokens to MROW holders (TBA).

These tokens will be used for various things including WL for collabs, merchandise discounts, serums, tickets, and many more opportunities to come!

 We truly believe we will be able to supply the token with as much utility as possible!

Q4 2022

MROW will always be inclusive. We are a project built by the community, for the community. We will be releasing a V2 line of NFTs that will showcase a line of female bunnies!

Our Female Bunny NFTs will have an even larger line of NFTs to create a higher demand for the male bunnies.

MROW Game Development Co. will release news and sneak peeks of a Play2Earn game!
The game will be blockchain integrated for mobile and desktop platforms. A portion of game sales will be returned to the community wallet.

MROW P2E will provide revenue, utility, and incredible fun for our community and many others!


Once you have your Male (V1) and Female bunnies (V2), it would only make sense that we include the ability to breed.

Owners of MROW male and female collections will have the opportunity to use the $ROW token to breed their NFTs.

This process will develop a brand new Baby Bunny NFT! 

 Owning a baby bunny NFT will allow you to collect rewards. The value of these rewards will be smaller compared to its full-grown counterparts.

MROW Game Development Co. will release a Play2Earn game that will be blockchain integrated for mobile and desktop platforms. The game will provide revenue, utility, and incredible fun for our community. A portion of game sales will be returned to the community wallet.


MROW Clothing Co. would like to invite you to take on your stylish side!

MROW Clothing Co. will strive to pick the industry-leading brands, allowing $ROW to be used for discount purchases online.
These brands can include any products, from clothing to accessories.

MROW will also be opening its own signature branded clothing.

We look to cater to our more elegant sides by designing dresses, suits, formal wear, and accessories.

When/If the Metaverse makes it big, we will be looking at integrating MROW clothing into “Metamerch!” 

This will bring our presence to the Metaverse and allow everyone to see our amazing clothing line.

Once we have established a foothold in the Metaverse, we will be looking to purchase land to have a social bunny environment allowing people to rent and create in-game content in our own RabbitHole. We will allow them to make microtransactions within their games/content to earn an income!

The MROW Promise

Millionaire Row commits itself to the ever-growing NFT and crypto industry.

As your founders, we will always strive to be ahead of leading developments and forever be building our brand for the future endeavors of our company.


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The Guides

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